And then my contract to teach ended, much too quickly. At the time, these contracts were only renewable for two years, and while I wanted to stay and bask for just a bit longer in the pink glow, I wasn’t sure if I could pursue what I was interested in professionally from Toulouse. I felt lost, so in order to take the space to reflect, I packed my bags, kissed my friends goodbye, and took a train to the northern border between France and Spain, in order to walk the Camino de Santiago. 

So for forty days between May and June of 2022, I walked along the dramatic coastline of northern Spain, from Basque country to Galicia. I began with my good friend, Katie, but we separated soon into our walk to stay true to our own journeys, and rejoined gleefully whenever our paths crossed organically.

These forty days became an opportunity to heal my relationship with an absent parent-- mother Earth. I did not grow up spending much time in nature, and felt bathed again in her voice and in her neutral embrace. Needless to say, I did not find where I was ‘meant to be’ during this time, but I did find something much deeper.

Life, when outside, breathes poetry. It moves us forward with lessons written in the tree bark and whispered in the wind. Spending forty days travelling with only my body as the vehicle, my eyes and ears as the steering wheel, I deepened my understanding of the life that is always here, beneath the social tongue that we too often forget is so young.

Below are photo, video, and journal content from this experience.